Getting Your Money Straight

So Friday's post got me thinking further about pursuing one's passion and dreams and how we can better position ourselves to step out there and maximize our strengths and passion. I think a major part of being able to take risks is having a stable foundation - essentially have your 'ish together. While I'm not quoting percentage facts in this sentence, the largest roadblock to pursuing any dream is money - yep them dolla, dolla bills yall. I don't think it takes an economist to tell us that bit.

In the professional world, many business moves are halted on the basis of lack of funding, so it wouldn't be any different that in one's personal world money stands to serve as a major challenge to taking that next step and pursuing one's dream. With all that said, when asked what I would recommend to position one to make that next level move; my answer is "Girl, get your money straight!" (PS - if you have never read that book, check it out). Needless to say I was elated upon receiving a recommendation for a financial management resource that can help identify spending reduction and savings opportunities - all of which come together to help build a nest egg to position you for pursuing your dreams.

A friend of mine and blog reader shared with me a money management resource that she swears by, and my friend's treasure becomes you all's resource. is a free, personal money management resource that allows you to upload all of your accounts to better understand your spending habits, investing performance and opportunities, debt reduction opportunities - the whole gamut. Mint even boasts resources for evaluating opportunities with student loan debt repayment (speaking of which, stay tuned for a forthcoming post on the dreaded student loans as well).

Some of you are probably thinking, "well if they're so good, why are they free?" I'm a skeptic like the best of yall, so I read through the website to understand how Mint pays their bills; they function as a referral source. What is a referral source, you ask? Mint essentially uses the analysis of your financial performance and status to recommend to you (the client) different financial management products from banks, investment companies and so forth. If you elect to pursue one of the products, Mint receives a referral fee. So you get a personal finance advisor without the personal finance advisor fees. Don't get me wrong, personal finance advisors are awesome - but for those of us who don't have the funds to pay someone to help us with our money - appears to be a great foundational step.

So check out Mint, I am not a spokewoman for it, so I won't be offended if you opt not too! If you are still a little hesitant make sure you read through the website and feel free to thoroughly check their privacy agreement. Also, if you have other financial management tools that you have found helpful please share. Feel free to email me recommendations at or post a comment. Spreading the message of financial uplift to realize our dreams.


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