Inspiration Wednesdays: Time - how many of us treasure it?

Wednesday has rolled upon us again, geesh when I last turned around it was last Wednesday. Mid-week breather for us all, we can see the light at the end of this week's tunnel! This week's inspiration is a short and sweet reminder that Time is our most precious commodity, and we must cherish it like the valued asset that it is. Do you keep track of where you're are spending your time? If you took a snapshot of how you spend your time, does it represent what you stand for? Would you be satisfied if you were judged by what and with whom you spend your time?

We've hit the month of June - the middle of the year. Traditional time when folks begin to assess where they are in meeting their goals for the year. Take a moment to also assess how and where you spend your time. If it isn't making sense to you, realign and re-prioritize. Remember, time is the only thing we can never get back.