What does it take to be a leader?

This morning I was reading the NY Times and came across an interview with Debra L. Lee, CEO of BET Networks: "Sometimes, You Have to Say 'My,' not 'Our.' The interview focuses on Lee's transition to leadership over at BET. I, for one, can say over the years I went from BET fanatic (clearly during my middle school/high school years when it all seemed so new) to BET unimpressed. However, I really enjoyed this interview and the insight it brought on transitioning to leadership, especially from a women's perspective. My friends and I constantly have discussions on what it means to be a good leader, reaching the top and whether that is truly attainable as a woman. It was useful to read about another woman's experience and reflect. I also thought her comments translated to good life lessons, but that's just me getting deep! What do you all think? What are things that have to be done to reach the leadership point? For Lee, it seems it was about moving past thinking about we/us and getting to me/I. Do yall agree?

I am personally going through a transition at work and taking on a new role, when I read the interview I decided to jot down a few notes:
1) Decide your own vision
2) What do you want to be known for? What do you want to accomplish?
3) Take ownership
4) Get involved
5) Don't let compassion kill you

What were your takes?

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